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 Tortilla Española
Tortilla Española
Tortilla Española


3 Potatos
3 tbsp. (tablespoons) of Olive Oil
1 onion, chopped or cut into slices
Salt and black Pepper
3 Eggs


  • = Wash the potatos. (The best is to peel them, because a Spaniard would never put unpeeled potatos in his Tortilla, but some people like it.) Cut them into quite fine slices and put them into a pot full of salt water. Bring them to boil cook them for five minutes until they are half-done. It is also possible to brown them a little bit for this dish.
  • = Heat the Olive Oil in a frying pan.
  • = Enter the onions carefully, because the oil could spit. Stir.
  • = Add the potato slices. Toss the pan and stir, that nothing sticks. Add a little bit of salt and pepper.
  • = Whisk the eggs in a bowl and season them tastily with salt and pepper.
  • = Fry the potatos and the onions at a litlle bit lower heat till they are goldbrown and stir continuously.
  • = Tip potatos and onions into the whisked eggs and mix them properly.
  • = Put the pan back on the stove and, when it is hot, enter the mixture. It will thicken immediately. Fry the Tortilla for two minutes, toss the tortilla anf fry the other side for two minutes. Now it is ready ...

How can I toss the tortilla? You can either move the tortilla into another heated pan greased with oil by holding the second pan over the first and turning around the whole thing or hold a big plate over the pan and move the tortilla on it by turning around the pan. Afterwards you have to move the tortilla back into the pan in order to fry the other side of the tortilla on the hot bottom of the pan.

Note: If the mixture becomes a little bit too dry during frying you can add some more Olive Oil.

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