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Live Flesh (Original Soundtrack)
Live Flesh (Original Soundtrack)
Performed by: Various Artists
Published by: EL DESEO S.A.
Label: BMG / RCA Victor
Duration: 58 Minutes 31 Seconds
Publishing Date: January 27, 1998(USA); October 1997 (Spain)
Nr.: Title: Performed by: Duration:
1. Christmas, 1970 instrumental 1:24
2. Madrid instrumental 1:36
3. The Call instrumental 1:01
4. Circular 1 instrumental 1:40
5. Circular 2 instrumental 0:49
6. The first time instrumental 1:49
7. David spies instrumental 1:29
8. Rehearsal for a Crime instrumental 1:20
9. Lovestruck instrumental 4:00
10. La Ventilla instrumental 1:23
11. Ti sono molto vicino instrumental 1:25
12. El Fontanar instrumental 1:50
13. Cannon Fodder instrumental 1:59
14. That's why he shot you instrumental 1:25
15. Fire instrumental 1:11
16. Love Theme instrumental 1:50
17. Clara and Sancho instrumental 1:23
18. The Letter instrumental 2:36
19. Dragging myself along instrumental 2:01
20. Christmas, 1996 instrumental 7:50
21. Somos Chavela Vargas 2:35
22. Sufre como yo Albert Plá 3:05
23. El Rosario de mi Madre El Duquende 4:19
24. Ay mi perro La Niña de Antequera 3:19
25. Whirl - y - Reel (Folk Police Mix) The Afro Celt Sound System 5:28
Songs marked with »instrumental« performed by:

Harmonica: Antonio Serrano
Mandoline: Antonio García de Diego
Piano: Lilian Castillo
Latin Percussion: Luis Dulzaides
Latin Percussion: Osvaldo Varona

Violín 1: Reinaldo Maceo
Violín 2: Julio Pino Pozo
Viola: José Martínez Pérez
Violoncello: Joaquín Ruiz Asumendi
Bass: Karen Maritirossian

Flute: Lucio Godoy
Oboe and Cor Anglais: Cayetano Castaño
Clarinet: Toni Goig
Mandoline: Miguel Iniesta
Portugese Guitar: Armenio de Melo
Harp: Susana Cermeño
Harp in »Ti sono molto vicino«: Laura Hernández
Piano & Keyboards: Alberto Iglesias
Piano in »Ti sono molto vicino«: Darío Eskenazi
Drums: Alfredo Anaya

Director: Tomás Garrido

This CD compiles all the Music and Songs used in Almodóvar's movie »Live Flesh«. I bought this Soundtrack after watching this fantastic movie. Again the Soundtrack contains typical spanish music, that is so characteristic for the movies of Almodóvar. I really love it and can really recommend it to all the people who like the music used in the movies of Pedro Almodóvar. This music is really pure Almodóvarian. I specially like the songs »SOMOS«, performed by the unique voice of Chavela Vargas, and »Ay mi perro«, a song that sounds hyperspanish to me.
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